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News & Announcements

07/01 Met at 10:20am to introduce ourselves and discuss syllabus and logistics.
      We will meet at 10:20am tomorrow (Thursday) to answer questions.

      Videos? Watch up through "Linear Systems: RREF" today and then up through
              "Application: Balancing Chemical Equations" on Thursday and Monday.

      We will have a Quiz on Tuesday covering up to these application videos. I'll
      give more details in the future (probably on Monday).

06/30 We meet tomorrow at 10:20am via Zoom to discuss the syllabus and logistics.
      [You will need a password for the Zoom meeting - I will email it to you.]
      Feel free to check out the first few videos: Math 2240 Videos.

      We will periodically use Maple throughout the term. I have some demos that can be 
      found on my Maple Examples page.

      I will provide a link & activation code so you can download Maple for free.
      Alternatively, you can access Maple and other software by logging on to a campus
      lab computer using

      You should be aware of the Math Lab – free tutoring for Math 2240 (and other math classes). 
      More information about the Math Lab can be found at

      This summer's math lab meets via Zoom. Its hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 5 to 8pm. 
      The lab's Zoom link is:

06/22 Course Data
      MAT 2240 Section 101
      Meeting Times MTWRF 10:20am-12:00pm ONLINE
      [Dates: 07/01-08/04]

      Course Title & Description:
      MAT 2240. Introduction to Linear Algebra (3 credits)

      A study of vectors, matrices and linear transformations, principally 
      in two and three dimensions, including treatments of systems of linear 
      equations, determinants, and eigenvalues. 
      Prerequisite: MAT 1120 or permission of the instructor.

      Any questions about this class? 
      Send me an email at